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The King's Noyse

Time Travel: Perhaps the surest sign of artistry among those musicians who specialize in early music is how convincingly they bid us into the world that first gave life to their chosen repertoire. This week, the celebrated King's Noyse—including soprano Ellen Hargis and lutenist Paul O'Dette—makes a warmly anticipated return visit for works of dashing wit and often haunting beauty. The King's Noyse draws us into the time of Purcell, Praetorius, and others not only by remaining true to those composers' origins but reviving them with its own particular magic. David Douglass directs a program that includes several of his own arrangements.

Listen to the performance


    "A Royal Delight"
  • Anonymous (arr. David Douglass): Jog On
  • Anonymous (arr. Douglass): There dwelt a man in Babylon
  • Anonymous (arr. Douglass): Kemp's Jig
  • Anonymous (arr. Douglass): Long cold nights
  • Anonymous (arr. Douglass): New Year's Eve
  • Nicholas Lanier (1588-1621): Love and I of late did part
  • Nicholas Lanier: Love s Constancy
  • Michael Praetorius (1571-1621): Packington's Pound
  • John Baldwine (1560-1615): Coockow as I me walk'd
  • Elway Bevin (1554-1658): Browning
  • John Danyel (1564-1626): Mrs. Anne Grene her leaves bee grene
  • Henry Purcell (1659-1695): Hornpipe on a Ground
  • Henry Purcell (arr. Douglass): Fairest Isle


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