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August 1996

August 4 - August 11 - August 18 - August 25

Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio
AUGUST 4, 1996

Wonderful things often come in threes: wishes, musketeers, wise men, and bears. The same holds especially true in music. Chamber trios offer us a perfection of balance and interplay found nowhere else. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, the Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio, true masters of the form, will perform a trio of trios: works by Beethoven, Dvorák, and Debussy. Listen in this week to Saint Paul Sunday and discover again the musical magic of three.
Photo: The Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio, JPEG 59k; Credit: Henry Grossman

Beethoven: Trio No. 5 in Eb major, Op. 70, No. 2
Debussy: Trio in G major, for piano and strings
Dvorak: Trio in e minor, Op. 90, mvmts. iv,v

The King's Noyse
AUGUST 11, 1996

Have yourself a Tuscan romance this week on Saint Paul Sunday when host Bill McGlaughlin welcomes the King's Noyse. This extraordinary "voice and violin band" will perform Italian dance, court, and country music from the early 17th century. Their program includes works by such composers as Trabaci, Monteverdi, Zanetti and Gesualdo, among others, each played with delightful virtuosity on a variety of instruments of the period.
Photo: The King's Noyse, JPEG 73k; Credit: Henry Grossman

Trabaci: Consonanze Stravagante
Gagliarda prima detta la Galante
Gagliarda Terza Sopra la Mantoana
(Improvisation upon Gagliarda)
Monteverdi: Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi
Trabaci: Canzona Franzesa Settima Cromatica
Gesualdo: Gagliarda
Zannetti: Aria del gran Duca
Gagliarda di Santino detto la Muzza
La Bergamesca
Basso delle Ninfe
Basso Gioiosa
Il Ceferino
Peri: Un di Soletto
O durezza di ferro
Qual cadavero spirante
(Improvisation on Paradetas)
Castello: Sonata XVI a' 4
Vitali: Sinfonia/se pur e' ver
Agostini: All'arm', All'arm'

Jorja Fleezanis, violin; Anthony Ross, cello; Edgar Meyer, doublebass
AUGUST 18, 1996

In music as in the world, we find variations on the same marvelous patterns. This week, Saint Paul Sunday explores the bond among three similar yet unmistakably distinct instruments: the violin, cello, and doublebass. Jorja Fleezanis and Tony Ross, concertmaster and principal cellist of the Minnesota Orchestra, along with doublebass virtuoso Edgar Meyer, will perform sonatas by Handel and Ravel, a Rossini duet, and a trio composed by Meyer himself. The combinations, in the hands of three such extraordinary artists, will illuminate every facet of these stringed jewels.
Photo: Jorja Fleezanis, JPEG 65k
Photo: Anthony Ross, JPEG 69k
Photo: Edgar Meyer, JPEG 91k; Credit: James Labrenz

Handel: Sonata in D major, Op. 1, No. 13
Rossini: Duetto
Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Cello
Meyer: Trio No. 3 (1988)

Christopher O'Riley, piano
AUGUST 25, 1996

This week Saint Paul Sunday welcomes the American piano virtuoso Christopher O'Riley. O'Riley's awe-inspiring technical brilliance has rapidly become his trademark. Hear him let it loose on two of his own transcriptions of Bach keyboard works, as well as four Shostakovich preludes and fugues, and Superstar Etude #1 ­ Aaron Jay Kernis's kinetic tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis.
Photo: Christopher O'Riley, JPEG 82k; Credit: Jeffrey Rothstein
Photo: Christopher O'Riley, JPEG 69k; Credit: Jeffrey Rothstein

Bach (tran. O'Riley): Trio Sonata No. 5 in C major, BWV 529
Shostakovich: Four Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87
No. 2in a minor
No. 7 in A major
No. 15 in Db major
No. 16 in b-flat minor
Bach (tran. O'Riley): toccata and Fugue in d minor "Dorian," BWV 538
Beethoven: Saonta No. 14 in c# minor, Op. 27, No. 2
Aaron Jay Kernis: Superstar Etude #1


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