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November 2001

November 4 - November 11 - November 18 - November 25

Anonymous 4
November 4, 2001
The four songstress-scholars of Anonymous 4 bring music of the Italian trecento (the fourteenth century) to Saint Paul Sunday this week, with the love songs of Francesco Landini (1325-1397). Known for the heavenly blend of their singing and thorough historical knowledge of their chosen repertoire, Anonymous 4 enlivens the poetic and musical world of Landini and the "sweet new style" that arose from his creations. Listen in as the trecento comes back to life this week.

All selections by Francesco Landini (1325-1397)

Intro: Echo la primavera
Angelica bilta
Che chos' è quest'amor
Nella partita
Non ara ma' pieta
Nella mia vita
Ochi dolenti mie
Muort' oramai
La bionda trecca
Cara mie donna
Gran piant' agli ochi

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  Hilary Hahn
Hilary Hahn, violin; Natalie Zhu, piano
November 11, 2001
Shining Young Stars
Bill McGlaughlin welcomes one of the world's preeminent young violinists into the studio this week. At just 21, Hilary Hahn has already won comparison with such violin legends as Heifetz and Gramiaux, and her performances have dazzled audiences worldwide. This week with pianist Natalie Zhu she performs sonatas by Debussy and Brahms, as well as J. S. Bach's breathtaking solo violin sonata in a minor. Along the way we'll get to know one of classical music's shining young stars.

Johannes Brahms: Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata No. 2 in a minor for unaccompanied violin,
BWV 1003-Fugue
Claude-Achille Debussy: Sonata

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  Pepe Romero
Pepe Romero, guitar

November 18, 2001
Songs My Father Taught Me
"I've never played anything I'm not in love with," observes Pepe Romero this week on Saint Paul Sunday. Listen in and discover why as the great guitarist offers spellbinding performances of works that his own father, the legendary Celedonio Romero, passed on to his son. The program begins with a noble fantasy by Luis Milán and includes several atmospheric works by Tarrega, Albeniz, and Celedonio Romero himself. Each of the composers' works evokes a specific meaning for the younger Romero, and this Sunday he shares those insights with us too.

Jean Baptiste Loeillet: Sonata in b minor
Luis Milán: Fantasía
Fernando Sor: Theme and Variations on "Magic Flute," Op. 9
Joaquín Malats: Serenata Española
Francisco Tárrega: Capricho Arabe
Isaác Albeniz: Sevilla
Flamenco improvisation: Bolerias
Celedonio Romero: Fantasía
Francisco Tarrega: La Paloma

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David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano
November 25, 2001
What Makes Russian Music Russian?
What makes Russian music Russian? On Saint Paul Sunday this week, Bill McGlaughlin explores this captivating question with two extraordinary artists who have taken Russian music to heart. Cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han will perform three great twentieth-century sonatas - one each by Sergei Rachmaninov, Sergei Prokofiev, and Dmitri Shostakovich - noting, along the way, how each composer characterizes a unique facet of the Russian musical soul.

Sergei Rachmaninoff: Sonata for cello and piano, Op.19
-III. Andante
Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for cello and piano, Op. 119
-I. Andante grave
Sergey Rachmaninoff: Sonata for cello and piano, Op. 19
-I. Lento
Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for cello and piano, Op. 119
-II. Moderato
Dmitry Shostakovich: Sonata for cello and piano, Op.40
-II. Allegro
-III. Largo
-IV. Allegro

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