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June 2003

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June 1, 2003



The nine exceptionally gifted young artists of Concertante perform as various ensembles, from familiar combinations of five and six to the rarer mélange of the nonet. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, Concertante visits the studio as a sextet to play two seldom-heard jewels of the chamber repertoire: Johannes Brahms's Opus 18 String Sextet, a serene and sunny work that nonetheless reflects a hard-won transcendence of loss, and Pyotr Tchaikovsky's suggestively beautiful Souvenir de Florence. In whatever form it happens to take, Concertante performs with great insight and dash.

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Johannes Brahms: Sextet in B flat Major, Op. 1
—I. Allegro ma non troppo
Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Sextet in d minor, Op. 70 (“Souvenir de Florence")
—I. Allegro con spirito
—II. Adagio cantabile e con moto Moderato
Johannes Brahms: Sextet in B flat Major, Op. 18
—III. Scherzo

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  David Shifrin
  Fred Sherry
  Ann-Marie McDermott

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center: David Shifrin, clarinet; Fred Sherry, cello; Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
June 8, 2003

Lease on Life
Whether we’re 6 or 60, we all need a fresh start from time to time. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, we hear a work that gave the 58-year old Johannes Brahms a new lease on life. After having vowed to retire, Brahms heard a performance by clarinet virtuoso Richard Mühlfeld. So moved was he that he took up the pen again and composed a clarinet trio--his sole venture in the form. This week Bill McGlaughlin welcomes an brilliant threesome drawn from the ranks of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center to play it. In addition to Mühlfeld's trio, clarinetist David Shifrin, cellist Fred Sherry, and pianist Anne-Marie McDermott will also perform Aaron Jay Kernis’s “Trio in Red," a work that charts distinctly different emotional territory.

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Kernis on Saint Paul Sunday
Kernis on Composers Voice

Aaron Jay Kernis: Trio in Red
Johannes Brahms:
Trio in a minor for clarinet, cello, and piano, Op. 114

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  Pieter Wispelwey, cello
Pieter Wispelwey
Dejan Lazic, piano
Dejan Lazic
Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Dejan Lazic, piano
June 15, 2003

Cello Kaleidoscope

A human voice, a beam of light, a fiery village dance? To whatever impressions the cello stirs in you, cellist Pieter Wispelwey and pianist Dejan Lazic will add their own brilliant luster. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, the acclaimed duo brings to life three distinct faces of the instrument: music from the late eighteenth, middle nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. Along with sonatas of Beethoven and Zoltán Kodály, we’ll hear Chopin’s little known Grande Polonaise Brillante for Cello and Piano in C Major.

Zoltán Kodály: Sonata for Cello, Op. 8 (1915)
—I. Allegro maestoso ma appassionata
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for Cello and Piano in g minor, Op. 5 No. 2
—I. Adagio sostenuto e espressivo
—II. Allegro molto piu tosto presto
—III. Rondo (Allegro)
Frédéric Chopin: Introduction and Grande Polonaise Brilliante for Cello and Piano in C Major, Op. 3
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Hespèrion XXI
June 22, 2003

  Hespèrion XXI

Diaspora Sefardí:
“Roots and Memory"

A program exploring the musical legacy of the Sephardic Diaspora.

By brutal decree in 1492, the Jews of Spain were forced either to abandon their ancestral faith or flee. Out of their wide-ranging exile emerged a nomadic culture loyal to its faith and Hispanic roots yet marked by vivid encounters with traditions from North Africa to the Balkans. Celebrated gamba master Jordi Savall, soprano Monsterrat Figueras, and Hespèrion XXI perform some of the deeply affecting music of this Sephardic world: a world whose embrace of ethnic otherness still rings in the music, if not always the streets, of our own time.

About the Sephardic Diaspora


   Andalucia: Saeta antiqua
   Si ay perdut mon saber (Ponç d’Ortafà)
   A la una yo nací
   Axerico de quince años
   La Guirnalda de Rosas

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  Ahn Trio
Ahn Trio Slide Show (requires flash player)

Ahn Trio
June 29, 2003

“All music is created equal," says Peter Schickele. "In other words, if it sounds good, it is good." The three intrepid sisters of Ahn Trio--Maria, Lucia, and Angella --have made this truth their own since first performing together as young girls.The Ahns' program this week on Saint Paul Sunday continues the tradition. Beginning with Franz Joseph Haydn’s masterful final piano trio, the trio offers two compelling works by contemporary composers Kenji Bunch and John Musto, and closes with an atmospheric arrangement of '60s rock icon Jim Morrison’s “Riders on the Storm." Under these sisters' unique spell it all fits together.

Play ConcentratiAhn at the official Ahn Trio Web site

From the Archives
"Ahn the Road" to Rochester, Minnesota
by Vaughn Ormseth

Franz Joseph Haydn: Trio No. 45 in Eb major, Hob. XV:29
John Musto: Piano Trio (1998)
—II. Slowly, Allegro molto
Kenji Bunch: Slow Movement
Jim Morrison: Riders On The Storm

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