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December 2000

December 3 - December 10 - December 17 - December 24 - December 31

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
December 3, 2000
Do You Know the Guitar?

If you think you already know the guitar, listen in this week for some marvelous surprises. Bill McGlaughlin's guests, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - LAGQ - have been expanding the solo and ensemble possibilities of this universal instrument for nearly two decades now, and their program this week revels in both cultural cross-pollination and sheer invention. We'll hear music by J. S. Bach and Peter Maxwell Davies, as well as several works by LAGQ members themselves that take inspiration from African, Indonesian, and Celtic musical traditions.

"The group performed with the sort of inspired yet deceptively easygoing virtuosity that exists when discipline and spontaneity are balanced to perfection."
    -The Washington Post

Bill Kanengiser: Mbira
Andrew York: Djembe
Andrew York: (Ask the) Sphinx
Peter Maxwell Davies (arr. Scott Tennant): Farewell to Stromness
Johan Sebastian Bach (arr. Andrew York): Prelude (#1 from Well- Tempered Clavier) and Fugue (Little Fugue in g minor)
Bill Kanengiser: Gongan
Carlos Rafael Rivera: Cumbaquin
Scott Tennant/Jeffes: Celtic Fare

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Hélène Grimaud, piano
December 10, 2000
Call of the Wild

Hélène Grimaud is a pianist known for her free spirit - she raises three wolves at home and has a degree in ethology (the study of animal behavior). And despite her training at the French Conservatoire, she prefers to throw her passion into the weightier German repertoire. "The French school usually focuses on articulation and lightning-quick finger movement, but that was never really my style. For me the strength comes from the inside - using your whole body weight to produce the sound."

This week on Saint Paul Sunday she plays two grand German pieces: Ferruccio Busoni's sublime, almost gothic Chaconne transcription from J. S. Bach's second Partita in d minor for violin, and Johannes Brahms' rhapsodic Sonata No. 2, a work composed when German Romanticism was in full flower.

Johann Sebastian Bach/Ferruccio Busoni: Chaconne in d minor from Partita No. 2 in d, B.W.V. 1004
Johannes Brahms: Sonata No. 2, Op. 2

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Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
December 17, 2000

Many of us know the recorder as the small wooden handpipe we played as children. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet - an ensemble whose performances draw upon a forest of recorders of every size, timbre, and personality - will reveal to us the instrument's infinite possibilities. In addition to music of Bach, Vivaldi, and others, we'll hear an astonishing new work by the young Italian composer Fulvio Caldini.

Anonymous: Caça 'O virgo splendens'
Giovanni Palestrina: Ricercar del secondo tuono
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Capriccio V sopra La Bassa Fiamenga
Johann Pachelbel: Canon
Antonio Vivaldi/Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto in d minor, Op.3 No. 11; B.W.V. 596
Fulvio Caldini: Fade Control
Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludium in c minor B.W.V. 537
Peter Goemans: Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten

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December 24, 2000
Christmas Carolers

For a celebration of such rustic origins - the birth of a child in a manger - Christmas is extravagantly blessed with great music, much of it meant for singing. This week on Saint Paul Sunday, host Bill McGlaughlin welcomes one of our country's finest vocal ensembles, Chanticleer, to brighten the season. These twelve extraordinary singers will bring Advent and Christmas repertoire spanning five centuries - a motet, a sacred madrigal, an African-American spiritual, two mystical works by living European composers, and several familiar carols. It's the perfect accompaniment for your holidays.

Robert Young: There is no Rose of such virtue
Jan Sweelinck: Hodie Christus Natus est
Luca Marenzio: Qual Mormorio soave
John Tavener: The Lamb
Arvo Pärt: Magnificat
Franz Biebl: Ave Maria
Trad., arr. David Willcocks: Quelle est cette odeur agréable?
Johann Abraham Peter Schultz/arr. Carolyn Jennings: O Come, Little Children
Trad., arr. Gene Peurling: Deck the Halls
William Billings: A Virgin Unspotted
African American Trad., arr. Joseph Jennings: O Jerusalem in the Morning

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London Brass
London Brass
December 31, 2000
Be of Good Cheer

There is something infinitely noble and gladdening about brass music. Celebrate a proper Boxing Day with the London Brass this week on Saint Paul Sunday. These extraordinary brass artists will bring us a feast of music from a wide range of brass repertoire. We'll hear airs and dances by John Dowland, some variations on Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony, the Duke Ellington classic "Caravan," and two noble canzones by a composer whose name has long been intimately linked with brass music, Giovanni Gabrieli.

John Dowland: Airs and Dances
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon Septimi Toni a 8
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon IX a 8
Paul Hart: Variations from Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony
Duke Ellington-Juan Tizol: Caravan

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