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REBEL performs Mozart, Telemann

Pearls: "Baroque" comes from the Portugese word originally used to describe pearls prized for their misshapen and often fantastic forms. These rarities helped inspire a style of architecture that took extravagant license with inherited traditions and eventually also came to refer to musical forces that did the same. This week, the masterful performers of REBEL plunge into Baroque repertoire with all the freedom and zest their name implies. They trace its development from early origins in Mozart and Bach through and beyond Georg Philipp Telemann's thrilling stylistic juxtapositions. We'll also hear lesser known pearls of Francesco Mancini and Johann Joachim Quantz. All the works are brought to life with what REBEL's Matthias Maute calls "the fireworks of passion."

Listen to the performance


  • Alessandro Scarlatti: Sonata Settima in D major (1725)
    III. Fuga
  • Francesco Mancini: Concerto Decima Terza in g minor (1725)
    I. Largo
    II. Fuga
    III. Largo
    IV. Spiritoso
  • Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonate Corellisante III in b minor, TWV 42, h 3
    I. Grave
    II. Vivace
    III. Adagio e staccato
    IV. Allegro assai
    V. Soave
    VI. Presto
  • Johann Joachim Quantz: Sonata in D major
    I. Adagio
    II. Allegro
    III. Largo
    IV. Allegro
  • Wolgang Amadadeus Mozart: Adagio and Fuga in g minor, K. 404a
  • Georg Philipp Telemann: Quartet/ Concerto in a minor, TWV 43, a 3
    I. Adagio
    II. Allegro
    III. Adagio
    IV. Vivace


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