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Ani Kavafian, violin and viola
David Shifrin, clarinet
André-Michel Schub, piano

KSS for short, music for life: Musicians are inveterate travelers, and this week on Saint Paul Sunday guest host Brian Newhouse welcomes three wonderful performers who first came together as a trio in an airport coffee shop on their way from one music festival to another. Join him with violinist Ani Kavafian, clarinetist David Shifrin, and pianist André-Michel Schub—the KSS Trio—for works that make their unusual combination shine. Along with a trio of Mozart and Schumann's "Fairy Tales," we'll hear Béla Bartók's aptly named "Contrasts." It's an hour companionship and music making you won't want to miss.

And the answer is...
This week, guest host Brian Newhouse asked you and his guests how many times a particular musical turn of phrase occurs in Mozart's Trio in Eb (K498). The answer is 41.

Listen to the performance


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Trio in Eb for clarinet, viola and piano, K498
  • Béla Bartók: Contrasts
    —I. Verbunkos (Recruiting Dance)
    —III. Sebes (Fast Dance)
  • Robert Schumann: Märchenerzählungen ("Fairy Tales") for clarinet, viola and piano. Op. 132
    —III. Ruhiges Tempo, mit zartem Ausdruck
    —IV. Lebhaft, sehr markiert


Mixed Company is written by Saint Paul Sunday staff, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the show and the classical music they love.