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Thomas Hampson, baritone; Craig Rutenberg, piano (1997, part II)

Saint Paul Sunday welcomes the acclaimed American baritone Thomas Hampson for two programs that celebrate both song and the literary inspiration for song. In the first, Hampson performs Robert Schumann's haunting Dichterliebe cycle in its entirety, including songs recently restored to the cycle as the result of Hampson's own scholarship. (The baritone notes during the course of the program that the familiar title of the cycle, inspired by works of the German-Romantic poet Heinrich Heine, was likely not Schumann's own.) The second broadcast is a survey of Walt Whitman song settings by American and European composers as diverse as Ives, Rorem, Vaughan Williams, and Kurt Weill. Both programs will give listeners an intimate experience of a renowned singer whose warmth and artistic versatility have generated great enthusiasm for the broad range of repertoire he performs.

Listen to the performance


  • reading: "One's Self I Sing from Song of Myself"
  • Rorem: "As Adam Early in the Morning"
  • Ives: "Walt Whitman"
  • reading: "The Mystic Trumpeter from Noon to Starry Night"
  • Bridge: "The Last Invocation Vaughn Williams: A Clear Midnight"
  • Bacon: "One Thought Ever at theFore"
  • Hindemith: "Sing on there in the Swamp"
  • reading: "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd"
  • Ritter: "Dirge for Two Veterans"
  • Burleigh: "Ethiopia Saluting the Colors"
  • Rorem: "Look Down Fair Moon"
  • Weill: "A Dirge for Two Veterans"
  • reading: "I hear it was charged against me"
  • Warren: "We Two"
  • Rorem: "Sometimes with One I Love"
  • Rorem: "That Shadow My Likeness"
  • reading: "Song of Myself"(Sections 51 & 52)


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