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Dale Warland Singers archive

In 1980, when Saint Paul Sunday began to record programs in the studio for its premiere season, we did not have to go far to look for a wonderful choir to feature. Based in St. Paul, the Dale Warland Singers were America's premier a cappella choir. With Dale Warland at its head, the choir began a recording relationship with us that lasted over a quarter century. No one is more committed to the art of choral singing than Dale—we could always count on him to bring us a program that was deeply thought out and full of musical treasures. We're happy to have collected these works from our archive and to make them available here for you for the first time in many years. You will have your personal favorites, but we encourage you to listen to some of Dale's "specialties": folk songs, and his beautifully programmed "Eclectic Masses." And above all, we hope that you enjoy the unique and exquisite sound of the Dale Warland Singers.

Mary Lee
Executive Producer,
Saint Paul Sunday


Recorded on November 10, 1980


Recorded on November 16, 1981


Recorded on November 23, 1982


Recorded on December 12, 1982


Recorded on June 11, 1985


Dale Warland and Bill McGlaughlin


Recorded on June 17, 1986
Dale Warland
Recorded on June 2, 1988


Recorded on March 27, 1995


Recorded on November 4, 1996


Recorded on March 25, 2004