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Saint Paul SundayDiscography

Anonymous 4

Discography as of March 2003

Currently available releases:

SNY62006.2 W 6017 Richard Einhorn: Voices Of Light

HMF907099.2 W 12197 On Yoolis Night

HMF907080.2 W 12596 An English Ladymass

HMF907109.2 W 13951 Love's Illusion-Music From The Montpellier Codes
13th Century

HMF2907210.2 W 25437 A Portrait Of Anonymous 4
Anonymous 4

HMF907312.2 W 99588 La Bele Marie: Songs to the Virgin from 13th-Century
France Anonymous 4

HMF907224.2 W 86032 1000: A Mass for the End of Time
Anonymous 4

HMF907269.2 W 93081 The Second Circle: Love Songs of Francesco Landini
Anonymous 4

CLEX3957139.2 W 93233 Christmas Music from Medieval Hungary
Anonymous 4

HMF907200.2 W 80374 11,000 Virgins: Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula
Anonymous 4

HMF907222.2 W 72875 Lammas Ladymass - 13th and 14th Century English
Chant and Polyphony Anonymous 4

HMF907232.2 W 75758 Legends of St. Nicholas
Anonymous 4

HMF907156.2 W 77230 Miracles of Sant'iago: Music from the Codex
Calistinus Anonymous 4

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