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Saint Paul SundayRumillajta

The Spirit of the Music

"SINCE WE FORMED RUMILLAJTA IN 1980, our music has portrayed not only the colors of Bolivia but also those of Latin America more widely. We acknowledge the solidarity that exists throughout the continent by drawing on the threads that are common to us all and which form the daily reality of the great majority of Latin Americans. This is the world of the mestizo, of workers and town-dwellers, with its own rich and distinct cultural identity. They, like ourselves with our Aymara-Inca origins, are striving towards new freedom and expression for people, reaching across frontiers and giving voice to the times we live in.

Bolivian festival


"Since 1984, we have devoted several months of each year to bringing our music to Europe and, in particular, to Britain. We come neither with the ancient swords of the conquistadores nor the modern weaponry of the propaganda machine that threatens society today, and we are moved that in these reputedly 'cold' places we have been received with warmth and applause, emotion and appreciation. The sight of so many responding to our songs inspires us to continue cultivating this 'music of life'. This is our message from our corner of the earth in La Paz, Bolivia."

­ Juan Jorge Laura, Rumillajta

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