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Saint Paul SundayRumillajta


Adrian Villanueva plays the quena.

Adrian Villanueva plays the quena in the Saint Paul Sunday studio.


These end-blown flutes come in different sizes and scales and may have from 3 to 7 holes and vary in length from 15 to 50cm. They are made from many different types of bamboo which receive special preparation and nowadays are also made in wood. Listen first to the sound of the quena alone (RealAudio 14.4 and 28.8), then to a discussion of the quena between Bill and Juan Carlos (RealAudio 14.4 and 28.8).



This is a large cane flute that is played sideways. Air is blown into a smaller cane that is connected to the flute. The notes are deep and soft.



Similar to the quena in appearance and sound this transverse flute is very like the European flute.

Tarka Tarka

This instrument features greatly at carnival time. It is made of wood and has a mouth piece which facilitates the production of two tones simultaneously.


Made form cane of thin dimensions, this flute also has a mouth piece which helps produce a shrill, bright sound.


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Instrument illustrations and descriptions copyright Rumillajta. Photo by Steve Wunrow.