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Rundown of Saint Paul Sunday appearance of baritone Thomas Hampson
with pianist Craig Rutenberg, February, 1997.
Poems are listed in order of that performance.
"RA 14.4" indicates a RealAudio 2.0 audio file is available.

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One's Self I Sing (Reading) RA 14.4

As Adam Early in the Morning (Setting by Ned Rorem)

Walt Whitman (Setting by Charles Ives)

The Mystic Trumpeter (Reading)

The Last Invocation (Setting by Frank Bridge)

A Clear Midnight (Setting by Ralph Vaughan Williams) RA 14.4

One Thought Ever at the Fore (text not available) (Setting by Bacon)

Sing on there in the Swamp (excerpt from "When Lilacs . . . .") (Setting by Paul Hindemith)

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd, sections 17 and 18 (Reading) RA 14.4

Dirge for Two Veterans (Setting by Ritter)

Ethiopia Saluting the Colors (Setting by Henry Thacker Burleigh) RA 14.4

Look Down Fair Moon (Setting by Ned Rorem)

Dirge for Two Veterans (Setting by Kurt Weill) RA 14.4

I Hear It Was Charged Against Me (Reading)

We Two (Setting by Warren)

Sometimes with One I Love (Setting by Ned Rorem)

That Shadow My Likeness (Setting by Ned Rorem)

Song of Myself, sections 51 and 52 (Reading) RA 14.4