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Saint Paul SundayDiscography

Marion Verbruggen & Arthur Haas


Currently available releases:

Marion Verbruggen

Blow: Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell
Sony Classics 60097 (1998)

Bach: Three Suites BWV 1007-1009
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 7907071 (1998)

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 901634 (1998)

Telemann: Les Plaisirs
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 7907093 (1997)

Telemann: Solo Works
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907158 (1997)

Van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Vol. 2
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907170 (1996)

Vivaldi: Le quattro stagioni
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907153 (1996)

Handel: The Complete Sonatas for Recorder
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907151 (1995)

Bach: Trio Sonatas
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907119 (1994)

Jacob van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-Hof
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907072 (1993)

Vivaldi: Recorder Concertos
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) 907040 (1991)

The Art of the Recorder
ASV 113 (1989)

Arthur Haas

D'Anglebert: Harpsichord Works
Wildboar 8802

Age of Purcell
Music & Arts 4998 (2001)

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