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Eugenia Zukerman and the Shanghai String Quartet


Currently available releases:

Eugenia Zukerman and the Shanghai String Quartet

Music for a Sunday Morning
Delos 3173 (1995)

Shanghai String Quartet

Zhou Long: The Flowing Stream
Delos 3233 (1998)

Brahms: String Quartet 3, String Quintet 1
Delos 3198 (1998)

The Shanghai Quartet plays Mozart's Last Two Quartets
Delos 3192 (1996)

The Shanghai String Quartet - Mendelssohn & Grieg
Delos 3153 (1994)

Eugenia Zukerman

Richter, Benda: Flute Concertos
GZ Classics 299 (1998)

Aria: Eugenia Zukerman plays Favorite Opera Arias
Delos 3209 (1997)

Delos 3184 (1996)

Mozart: Flute Concertos, Clarinet Concerto
Sony Classics 62424 (1996)

Vive Ibert!
Newport Classics 85531 (1992)

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