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Saint Paul SundayDiscography

Mark O'Connor


Currently available releases:

Fanfare for the Volunteer
Sony Classics 61679 (1999)

Appalachia Waltz
Sony Classics 68460 (1996)

The Fiddle Concerto
Warner Brothers 9-45846-4 (1995)

Warner Brothers 9-45257-4 (1993)

The New Nashville Cats
Warner Brothers 9-26509-1 (1991)

Hot Swing
OMAC-4 (2001)

Appalachian Journey
Sony Classics 66782 (2000)

Elysian Forest
Warner Brothers 9-25736 (1998)

Midnight On The Water
Sony Classics 62862 (1998)

Sony Classics 63216 (1997)

The Championship Years
CMF 015 (1975-1984)

RD 0090 (1978)

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