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Saint Paul SundayDiscography

The Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio


Currently available U.S. releases:

Rachmaninoff: Trios Élégiaque
Arabesque 6739 (2000)

Dvorák: Complete Piano Trios
Arabesque 6726 (1999)

Saint Paul Sunday: Sleepers Awake
American Public Media 202 (1998)

Smetana, Tchaikovsky: Piano Trios
Arabesque 6661 (1995)

French Piano Trios: Saint-Saëns
Arabesque 6643 (1994)

Schubert: Works for Piano, Violin & Cello
Arabesque 6580 (1994)

For further information on these discs, see the Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio Web site

View the Saint Paul Sunday Sergei Rachmaninoff feature Trio Élégiaque.

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